Unique Kitchen Tile Designs: Experiment with Size, Color, and Patterns

Unique Kitchen Tile Designs: Experiment with Size, Color, and Patterns
Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of kitchen tile designs when it comes to making their kitchen unique.

Although tiles can be used in many simple designs and have a great effect on the room, homeowners should not be afraid of experimenting with unique kitchen tile designs. By playing around with the size, color, and tile patterns, a person can come up with a more unique look for his kitchen while also making it look more professional.

These different unique kitchen tile designs can be used to cover an entire wall, they can be incorporated into a larger design or cover a small surface area of the wall such as a kitchen backsplash.

What to Know Before Applying the Kitchen Tiles to the Wall

If a person chooses to use different colors and sizes of a tile, it is recommended that he draw scaled-down version of the tile design before even touching the materials. This can give the person a better guide to what the finished product will look like and also makes it much easier to estimate how much tile, supplies, and time will be needed for the remodeling project.

Also, it is always a wise choice to lay out all the kitchen tiles on a flat surface to experiment with the pattern as well. Homeowners may find that the designs they like on paper may not look like they want when laid out together. Also, laid out patterns can also make it much easier and quicker when it comes to applying the items to the wall.

Varying Sized Tiles Make a Unique Pattern

Combining larger tiles with smaller ones provide an interesting finish to the walls. For example, one could choose one large square and then a smaller square so that four of the small ones make up one large tile. These can be laid out in alternating rows with one large tile and then the four smaller tiles and repeat the pattern in the designated area. Choosing the varying sized tiles in different colors is also a nice touch to the look of the kitchen wall.

Diamond Kitchen Tile Designs are Original

Instead of simply applying square tiles in a basic square fashion, turn the items 45 degrees so that they are aligned and positioned using the corners of the tile in a diamond pattern. Continue to add the materials building up the design and add some varying colors into the mix as well. For a balanced diamond tile pattern, one should be sure to stand away from the wall every so often to ensure the pattern is straight.

A Random Tile Design Can Add the Most Personality

If homeowners really want to have a unique design that has personality they should try a random pattern on the kitchen walls. Pick 3-5 different colors that go well with the style of the kitchen to use in the random design. Simply choose random colored tiles to lay across and up the wall area.

Try not to follow any type of particular order as the design should be completely random. That means that you may have three of the same color right next to each other while another part of the wall has none of the same colors next to each other.

Using materials of varying size, color, and patterns can enhance the different areas and features in the kitchen. In fact a homeowner can even choose to use more than one of these unique kitchen tile designs in their home and have the room look like it was professional designed. The best way to find a great pattern for a kitchen is to experiment and have fun playing with the colors and designs

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