Quick and Frugal Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Quick and Frugal Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas
A powder bathroom is a small bath with very little space. However, powder room decorating can be easy and frugal. Here are some simple decorating ideas for small baths.

With apartment living on the rise, more families face the prospect of having a powder room double up as a regular bathroom. While a powder bathroom may be short on space, homeowners can certainly decorate this small bathroom easily and on a budget. Here are some cheap and quick decorating ideas for a powder bath.

Use Wall Art to Decorate a Powder Bathroom

Since the bathroom would have limited floor space, it is a good idea to make the eye move towards the wall. Decorating the small bathroom’s walls with a collection of pictures will add instant life to the space. Try to stick to a décor theme for the bathroom and use pictures accordingly.

For instance, for a beach theme, arrange simple framed photographs of a visit to the beach for an instant bathroom makeover.

Mirrors, too, are a great way of creating the illusion of space while being practical and decorative as well. Homeowners can also choose a bathroom mirror cabinet that has both storage space and a molding or frame that looks decorative. Scout yard sales for some surprisingly good options.

Decorating a Small Bathroom with Color

When it comes to deciding the color palette for a powder bath, choose colors that are light but not dull. Peaches, pale greens, lime yellows will all make decorating a small bathroom fun. Bring in dashes of bold, darker hues by adding bath linen in contrasting colors or even, paint the ceiling in a deep, dark hue to add a dramatic touch. Earthy colors and hues are another great option for small bathrooms.

Other budget-friendly options to add color include using fresh flowers for a dash of color, hanging a bright shower curtain or simply painting wall-mounted storage shelves a vibrant hue.

Bathtubs, Sinks and Accessories for the Powder Bath

When deciding on the toilet bowl and sink for the small bathroom, choose wall-mounted options. While these may be more expensive than the regular ones, they will also serve to free up floor space, which makes a big difference in a powder room.

Moreover, these are a one-time investment and so will be worth the extra expense. If space allows, consider installing an overhead shower instead of a tub. Hang a shower curtain to create a division between the wet and dry areas of the bath.

Storage Options for the Small Bathroom

There are many storage options available for owners of a powder bathroom. Choose from wall-mounted storage shelves with or without sliding doors to store bath linen and accessories, over the door towel racks or place a slim storage stand next to the toilet. Add a couple of hooks on the wall to hold a bathrobe or a towel.

Create a neat and organized look by storing like items in small baskets or boxes. Place rolled up hand towels, soaps, small bottles of lotions and bath oils or even, some fresh or artificial flowers. These little touches will make a small bathroom look neat, organized and pretty.

A small bathroom may seem like a challenge to decorate but it can actually be quite easy and fun. Use these decorating ideas, a bit of imagination and some creativity to create a pretty and practical powder bathroom without spending a lot of money.


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