20 Brilliant Ideas For Painted Floors


Floors are always underrated. You step on them, and they always get dirty. But don’t underestimate the power of the floors. They give us our base, and they do have an effect on us and how we feel.

The way you paint your story will have an immense impact on your lifestyle, and some people know this. It might take some bravery, and It might be risky to change the floor color, but the reward will be great and stylish. If you want to have a change in your life and your floors here, we have brought together 45 ideas for painted floors.

1.Yellow Checkerboard

It might seem like a crazy idea at first, but you can’t deny how stylish It looks. Especially useful if your room has a blue color as the base. Yellow tends to go very well with blue if used minimally.

2. Minty Floors

This one is my personal favorite. This one was made with a color wash. Minty green has a freshness that will energize your life. It also looks and feels like you are walking on a lake.

3. Black & White Hardwood


This one is very showy. It ascends the room to something else. It might feel like you are walking on a podium or a disco stage, but ıt is definitely classy.

4. Black & White Foyer


This one is a design king. It has an elite feel almost like an English mansion. It will definitely make you feel like walking in a dream home. One of the best, I must say.

5. Plaid Painted


This one is definitely very stylish and very easy to make. You just need one color that would match the room’s furniture(or your cat) and white. By strategically using two paints, you can have this kind of fantastic look for your floors.

6. Crimson Floor


Red is a very bold color. It receives attention. On a wall or a ceiling, It might be too distracted or downright oppressive, but on a hardwood floor, we say wow. It looks so grand and stylish.

7. Farmhouse Blues

Except we don’t feel blue. This time blue is very liberating. Farmhouses tend to get boring with too much white everywhere, but with a splash of blue on the wooden floors, the whole psycho white becomes cozy and attractive.

8. Painting a Rug


This is one of the most original ideas to create some energy on your floor. If you find rugs too dusty or dirty to keep, you can easily paint your floor in the shape of a rug. This way, when you clean your floor, you’ll automatically clean your rug too.

9. Outdoor Rug Paint

Source: DIY Outdoor Painted Rug

This one is the same idea as the number eight but for outdoors, and this is a better idea just for a straightforward fact. Outdoor rugs get really messy. Too messy to the point you feel like washing them is pointless because they are going to get messy in a really short time again.

10. Modern Squares


If you want a touch of modern in your hardwood floor, you can try some square shapes like in the example. With the right color scheme, you can create an ambiance with a modern classicism.

11. Floral Pattern


This is a perfect one. You can paint floral patterns however you wish, and It would look like a great design or a much-designed carpet. Floral patterns are always a good breather.

12. White Floorboard


You can also buy these, but if you already have a wooden floorboard, I recommend painting It. It is not something unknown or new, but It is a perfect classic.

13. Bamboo Floorboard


Bamboo floorboards are perfect for painting, and that’s why they are on this list. You can easily paint bamboo floors however you wish. The one on the example has a marble look, and you can easily apply it.

14. Buffalo Checkered


This one is a great idea. Buffalo checkered pattern is a fantastic pattern to use with your floorboard. It is stylish, and It is one of the classics. It would create an elite and fresh air in the room.

15. Chalk Painted Floors


That is right; the example you are chalk paint. We never would’ve guessed, but It seems chalk paint can create wonders on the white floor.

16. Tiles With Patterns


If you have white tiles. Paint them. You can create wonders, as you can see in the example. You don’t have to be content with the same old boring tiles. Use patterns and shake It up.

17. Stenciled and Painted


Yes, you can do It yourself. All you need is a stencil and paint.

18. Patio Beach


I always thought painting your patio floor is an amazing idea, but I’ve never thought of giving It a beach-like effect with the right use of patterns and colors. Very nice.

19. Colored and Stenciled


First, you paint color, then you stencil the shapes you want and voila! You have an originally shaped floor and tiles made by you.

20. Concrete To Tile


This one is a great example of concrete made into a tile just by painting. It looks amazing, and It is very easy to make.

21-45. More painted floors with patterns


Do not underestimate the power of the floor. It will add to your atmosphere and enhance your spirit. Try some of these ideas or create yours inspired by the ones provided here.

Image credits: Old House Online, Elle Decor, VR, Lolly Jane, Style At Home, A Beautiful Mess, Hadley Court, Lauren Home,

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