20 Beautiful Patio Plant Ideas For A Lush Outdoor Space


You might have a giant garden, or you might have a very little patio either way flowers are a great way to add beauty and splash of color to your personal space.

The best way to start this is to check the sunlight you have on your yard or patio. In which times of the day and how much sun you get.

If you have a shady patio, you might want to buy pants that love the shade. Also, you must not forget to read the descriptions of the plants. In the end, you will look after them.

1. Croton

Growing Croton for Outdoor Patio

Croton has a leathery color with a hint of a rainbow. They require moderate watering, and they grow larger with sun exposure. You can see the variation of colors in every season with this beauty.

2. Pentas

Growing Pentas for Outdoor Patio

This beautiful plant is called Penta. It is a star-shaped plant with colors pink, red, lavender, and white. A very good addition to a patio. They blossom all summer long.

3. Lantana

Growing Lantana for Outdoor Patio

These fiery beasts are called Lantana. Their red and yellowish color makes them look like artificial fire if planted correctly. They bloom under constant sunny weather, and they have resistance to drought.

4. Coleus

Growing Coleus for Outdoor Patio

This amazing breed has so many variations on the market you can find one that will go with your garden easily. Generally, with the green, pink, and purple leaf variations, Coleus is one of the top patio plants we recommend.

5. Bromeliad

Growing Bromeliad for Outdoor Patio

With a more tropical touch, Bromeliad is a beautiful flower with color variations between red and purple. They might not bloom all the time, but you can always easily repot the pups.

6. Hydrangea

Growing Hydrangea for Outdoor Patio

These beautiful queens are in the color of white to muddy pink. They blossom for a long time. It is usually between early summer to fall, but with the right breed, It can even endure the winter.

7. Cuphea

Growing Cuphea for Outdoor Patio

These are Cuphea. They have an orange base with hints of reds and yellows. It is a delicate flower, and ıt needs space and full sun. But if you get It right, you will have a beautiful shiny orange on your patio.

8. Lavender

Growing Lavender for Outdoor Patio

Of course, no patio is a real patio with a touch of lavender. If you put these in a pot near where you sit, you can touch them from time to time in order to release their scent. They need full sun.

9. Canna Lily

Growing Canna Lily for Outdoor Patio

Canna lily is a great flower to add some vertical fire to your patio. They blossom all through summer, and they need full sun. But they are replantable.

10. Strawberry

Growing Strawberry for Outdoor Patio

If you are not obsessive about just flowers, we recommend adding some fruits in your color garden. Strawberries are a beautiful shade of red that will liven your patio with a fantastic sparkle.

11. Caladium

Growing Caladium for Outdoor Patio

This special patio plant has a great color scheme that will add some context to your garden with style. It is almost like a show when in full shade.It is pest-free and has average watering needs. It is a great addition.

12. New Guinea Impatiens

Growing New Guinea Impatiens for Outdoor Patio

These beautiful flowers with pink and purple tones have a very smooth transition between colors. They like shade and moisture. So keep them wet and watch them bloom. They are quite tasty.

13. Heliotrope

Growing Heliotrope for Outdoor Patio

Heliotrope is a flower from Peruvian soil. They have a sweet scent almost like vanilla, and they have a clustered violet shaded blossom. They like full sun or maybe partial shade.

14. Million Bells

Growing Million Bells for Outdoor Patio

A million Bells have beautiful tubular blossoms, which you can find in petunias, but on the plus side, they are not bothered by pests as much. They bloom in high temperatures, and they have the grace of a princess.

15. Begonia

Growing Begonia for Outdoor Patio

No one can argue with the beauty and energy of begonias. The best part is they have a high endurance against drought, and they are dancing both in shade or sun. They are straightforward to grow and calming to watch.

16. Mandevilla

Growing Mandevilla for Outdoor Patio

Mandevilla has the shape of a trumpet, and they have a color scheme consisting of whites and pinks. They are the type of vine that climbs any kind of bars of walls you put. They love the sun, but they need some shade on the hottest times.

17. Chrysanthemum

Growing Chrysanthemum for Outdoor Patio


These well-endowed flowers have amazing shade variations. They need full sun, and they party in a burst of blossom as long as they have what they need.

18. Rose

Growing Rose for Outdoor Patio

As the new variations come along with the new breeding techniques, roses get resistant to cold through time. With that out of the way, they are now a perfect choice for your patio garden. They need full sun and who can argue with the innate beauty and the scent of the roses.

19. Cherry Tomatoes

Growing Cherry Tomatoes for Outdoor Patio

Another edible plant from our list. As this one creates beautiful imagery with Its deep red color, you will also have the chance to grab one and eat It to experience a great flavor. They also need full sun.

20. Black-eyed Susan Vine

Growing Black-eyed Susan Vine for Outdoor Patio

This particular flower grows very fast and easy. They have color variations from yellowish oranges to cream white. It needs full sun, and It will climb any trellis you give them.


If you want to create your own painting on the canvas, we call a garden or patio. These are some of the best ideas to create more vibrant and more energy filled imagery. Your limit is your imagination.


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