10+ Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Room Using Old Pallets


Everything fits in a few pallets knowing how to accommodate. Cheap and recyclable, until now we have seen them especially in outdoor furniture, seat bases or side tables, and have become an essential element in the decoration that can be transformed into virtually anything without ceasing to be original.

In this post we collect some ideas that can help you give a modern touch to your room, from an essential element such as the bed, to a work area or simple and fun decoration ideas.

1. No more pretexts to have your clothes organized

Cabinets created with pallets.

You can build a closet as big or as small as the space of your bedroom allows.

2. These pallets make it clear why they came to stay

Beds with pallet bases.

The gap that the pallets have can perfectly serve to place lights that give a very chic touch.

3. A little creativity and you will have the most original header

Headers made with pallets.

The important thing is to exploit creativity to the maximum to create a space that, besides being comfortable, is totally to your liking.

4. Shoemaker to your shoes

Furniture for shoes created with pallets.

Keeping shoes in order is always a problem, until you discover simple ideas like these that can save you a lot of time, money and effort.

5. Create your workspace

Work spaces made with pallets.

The work areas do not have to be a boring space.

6. Personalized and fun bureau

Bureau suspended in the air made with pallets.

7. Decorate and show off your space

Decorate your home with pallets.

8. Condition a space for rest

Armchairs created with pallets.

To create a cozy, pleasant and functional at home, the best thing would be an independent space, away from noise.

9. Light up your room

Lamps made with pallets.

10. Original coat racks

Coat racks made with pallets.

In addition to building furniture, with the pallets we can create decorative and practical objects at the same time, like these hangers to order your accessories.


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