20 Cute Hair Braiding Ideas and Designs


If you have long hair, you know how difficult it is to decide what type of braid you want to sport for what occasion. Braids look cute on any girl but to decide on the type of braid requires a lot of thought and careful contemplation. 

Braids are extremely popular, especially during summers. Hair let down all the way looks good too, but sometimes, when you feel fancy, that is when you decide to rock a braid.

If you ever felt lost because of the overwhelming options there are when it comes to braiding, then you might want to give the list below a quick glance to help make up your mind.

1. Double Dutch Braids


This is a perfect hairdo to combat summer heat. It’s not too difficult to learn and can be pulled off flawlessly by most girls. This type of hairstyle looks better on hair with colored tips as the extra color gives a new dimension to this hairdo.

2. Floral Braid


This is a classic summer hairstyle that has been popular for a very long time now. Braids decorated prettily by a handful of flowers makes your hair look divine. And it also imparts a beautiful fragrance to your hair that the people you’re close with will appreciate.

3. Waterfall Braid


Make yourself look like a Disney princess by replicating a hairstyle like this. These braids are meant to have an appearance to mimic streams of water dropping down from a height in the form of a waterfall.

4. Braided Ponytail


Infusing a braid with a ponytail gives off this stunning result which will surely draw more than a few admiring looks your way.

5. Braided Crown and Bun


A bit extravagant is the expression best suited to describe this regal hairdo. This type of braid will give you the spotlight in any party.

6. Accessorized Braided Style


This style requires some practice to get it done right. The intricate designs coupled with gems of different colors definitely make this hairstyle look really elegant.

7. Braids and Waves


If you want to play it safe, then this casual hairstyle is for you. It combines Bohemian braids with the wave hairstyle. These two styles complement each other and produce a satisfying result.

8. Festival Braids


This style places heavy emphasis on braids. And like the name suggests, it is pretty popular among concert-goers or the crowds in festivals.

9. Glitter Roots and Braids


This bold fashion statement is taking the world by storm with its increasing popularity. A combination of braids and roots, this type of hairdo also requires you to intersperse some glitter in your hair for that extra bit of glamour and zing.

10. Crown Braid Updo


This hairstyle is characterized by a simplistic braid at the edge of your hairline. It appears fashionable, chic and gives you a distinguished appearance.

11. Boho Braids


This Bohemian style is completed with the aid of a braided bun. Little braids make their way down towards the left side. What would complete this hairstyle is if you would add a few flowers as cherry on the cake.

12. Five Strand Braid Half Updo


This distinguished braid requires some amount of effort and perseverance to learn properly. However, these efforts are repaid once it’s mastered. This braid will instantly make the girls around you green with envy.

13. Braid Into a Ponytail


A braid and ponytail combination is one to be picked during the wedding season. Whether you’re the maid of honor or just a guest, this braid is your best bet to be a hit at the reception.

14. Braids into a Bun


This is another impactful braid which is simple to perfect.

15. Trendy Side Braids


Braiding need not necessarily be confined to just the crown of your head, and this type of hairstyle proves just that. This edgy braid marks a revolution in women’s braids and opens up various new possibilities to be explored soon.

16. Loose Braid with Volume


If your hair has volume in abundance, then you might want to consider this hairstyle which emphasizes long, flowing locks.

17. Bold Braids


This daring hairdo cannot be sported by those with faint hearts. Works best with hair of a vivid and bright shade. The two sets of braids run parallel and work with each other to exude a strong and confident vibe, which more or less is reflective of the wearer’s personality. Stand out among the crowd this summer. And this hairstyle is the ideal way to do it with.

18. Loose Braided Crown


This hairstyle is a perfect match for those blessed with long, straight hair. The crown breaks into a long, voluminous braid. A fresh breeze in an open meadow, this braid will definitely draw second gazes in your direction, no matter where you decide to rock this hairstyle.

19. Braids for Medium Length Hair


This braid is specifically more useful for women who don’t currently have very long hair yet still want a braid. It’s a tweak on the normal braid to accommodate hair of varying lengths successfully.

20. Half Up, Half Down Fishtail Braid


This dreamlike braid seems like it’s best suited for mermaids. The two braids which eventually intertwine into one and run down the length of your hair are eye-catching and look radiant.

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