Countless vacation photos – here’s how to give purpose to memories


Since smartphone cameras take such incredibly high-quality pictures, people are tempted to capture every moment. This urge is especially prominent on vacation, which is why you often find yourself with a huge mass of photos at home. But instead of not giving the photos a second glance, how about a DIY project? In the following article, we’ll give you some great ideas on how to use your photos to create artistic masterpieces.

Show off your photos

Invite your family and friends and share the special moments with them. In a slideshow, the highlights of your vacation can be shown and accompanied by suitable music. You can make the pre-selection with the help of a Photo Manager, which helps you to bring the mass of photos in order. Blurred or duplicate motifs can be sorted out. You can also create different categories to keep track of the individual stops on your vacation. With the photo editor Picverse – available on – you can emphasize your assets and retouch the flaws. With the program you can also:

  • Change background
  • remove objects
  • Apply filters
  • Add effects
  • Restore old photos
  • Adjusting sharpness
  • Adjust the colors
  • and much more

DIY projects for heart and soul

Crafting gives us the opportunity to clear our heads and let our own creativity run free. In addition, we can transform everyday objects into special eye-catchers. Pictures are particularly suitable for DIY projects. The motifs have a deep meaning for us and are linked to wonderful memories. By using the prints as materials for our art project, we create final results of a special kind: they are not only beautiful to look at, but fill us also with deep feelings.

A special place in your home

Often we have a hard time finding the right wall decoration. However, nowadays, it is possible to transfer your own shots on canvases, posters or other materials and thus fill empty walls. If this way is too boring to you, you can also be artistically active yourself.  Canvases are available for little money in the craft store. The photos can be bedded in a sea of flowers, attached in extravagant shapes and arrangements, or simply pinned on a world map.  Combine the photos with your craft skills and creative ideas to create a unique wall decoration.

A particularly beautiful effect can also be created by placing a variety of images on the wall. Framed with fairy lights, the focus is specifically directed to the photo wall and dignifies the memories fittingly.

An album full of memories

The classic way to store photos is the photo album. The personal books can be individualized with special mementos and provided with captions and short texts. Photo albums last a lifetime and are always a pleasure to pick up. They are a great way to reminisce about better times.

Furthermore, nowadays people also like to use DIY calendars. The individual months can be provided with suitable images and guide us through the year. A photo calendar is particularly suitable as a birthday or Christmas gift for the travel buddy.

Jazzed up everyday objects

Last but not least, countless companies specialize in personalizing items. Mugs, pillows, bags, T-shirts, snow globes, cell phone cases and much more can be customized with your own photos. The everyday objects thus become eye-catchers and fill us with warm feelings.


A scrapbook is the modern version of the photo album. In the books photos are arranged in an artistic way. Decorated with stickers, ribbons and calligraphic writing, a simple photo becomes a true work of art. Scrapbooking takes a lot of time and means a lot of effort. Nevertheless, the final results are worth every minute.

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