The Most Weird Chocolate Tastes Ever


We all love chocolate – let’s admit that. There’s nothing more uplifting than enjoying a chocolate bar or drinking a nice cup of hot, cinnamon-flavoured drink to accompany a dark winter evening.

Almost everybody enjoys traditional chocolate taste combinations like strawberry, caramel, hazelnut or cappuccino. But not everyone knows that the experience of eating chocolate may go far beyond that.

Have you ever heard, for example, about cheese or chilli chocolate flavours? Below we list some weirdest chocolate tastes that you could imagine!

Cheese & other not-so-sweet tastes

Cheese & other not-so-sweet tastes

So, you think that chocolate must be sweet? Well, you’re quite mistaken. Chocolate makers have come up with savoury flavours which you wouldn’t even associate with this kind of dessert. It turns out that you can try, for example, goat cheese or soya sauce chocolate!

What’s the taste of goat cheese in chocolate like? Well, it’s quite tasty for some people, as it’s additionally mixed with pepper cream to give it more spice. Soya sauce, however, will be perfect for the Chinese cuisine lovers, as it’s really salty.

Other examples of weird savoury chocolate tastes? Let’s take … bacon. This option wouldn’t be a perfect snack for a vegetarian, but it can create an impression of eating actual meat, so it’s a useful alternative for a steak from time to time!

Vegetable chocolate

Fruit chocolate sounds reasonable, but … how about chocolate that tastes like a vegetable? It probably sounds like a childhood nightmare, but it’s possible! Human imagination has no limits.

Certain brands have produced chocolate that tastes like sweet potatoes, onion, or even … mushrooms! The last one is made in Asia from the mushrooms called shiitake, which have a mild, relatively salty taste.

Chocolate & fast food

Would you imagine eating a … pizza-flavoured chocolate? Well, it seems that we no longer have to choose between a sweet dessert and a salty snack, as there’s chocolate that tastes just like the most famous Italian dish. This white chocolate is produced in Asia, and it’s filled with cheese and tomato cream.

Another fast-food-like chocolate is supposed to remind you of … sushi. The actual amount of sushi in this product is probably disputable, but KitKat, its producer, advertises it as a perfect late-night snack. If you want to stick to the Eastern cuisine, chocolate flavoured with curry is another possibility – imagine eating a spicy vegetable curry in one piece of chocolate.

Wasabi, salt & sriracha

The lovers of spices can finally find chocolate for themselves! It’s possible to enjoy the wasabi taste with chocolate instead of just putting it on their fish. Well, it may not sound convincing to everyone, but helps to diversify your taste buds’ experience.

Apart from that, you can enjoy salty chocolate (which doesn’t seem that sophisticated, though) or one flavoured with sriracha. This kind of sauce comes from Thailand and is made with garlic and spicy chilli.

Usually, it is served with hot dogs or burgers. Does it go well with chocolate? The taste must be …. rich, and it may work for the fans of the extreme taste experience.

Two in one: chocolate and a drink

Who has never imagined combining food and drink into one? Having just one product in your cupboard would make it much easier to make a delicious meal or dessert.

Apparently, some brands came up with ideas to mix up chocolate and drinks. What’s the result? You can try a bar of sake-flavoured chocolate and enjoy the taste of this Japanese booze along with the sweetness.

Probably, it’s not the best way to get drunk, but a chance to enjoy a refreshing ‘sip’ even in the middle of the day. If you prefer a milder drink, however, it’s good to try out the green tea chocolate flavour.

It can give you a refreshing moment and even replace a cup of real tea. A little more sophisticated option may be lavender chocolate – in this case, though, there’s a chance of having immediate associations with … soap.

It seems that in when it comes to chocolate, human imagination has no boundaries – the range of unusual, often strange flavours is endless. So, the next time you will fancy a meal with meat, onion or potatoes, you can simply take a chocolate bar to enjoy these tastes.

You can add another piece flavoured with tea or sake to have a nice drink that completes your snack. Unless, of course, you’d like a more sophisticated experience, for example chocolate with a taste of garlic and chilli.

No matter what you choose, it’s good to keep in mind that good oldtraditional chocolate still exists, and it’s possible to indulge in a strawberry milk or hazelnut bar as well. Extravagance may remain just an addition to that.

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