Tips for renovating your old but favorite clothes


We all have our absolute favorite clothes we would never be able to give up. Unfortunately, clothes get worn out, especially those that are often used. There is a way to avoid that – pimp your old clothes and give them a new life.

Trends always come and go; you don’t need to follow them to create your own fashionable piece of clothing. It’s all about having fun and experiment with your style. From shortening and cutting materials, through dyeing or bleaching, ending up in the printing of self-designed patters; sites like can help with that.

Giving a second life to your favorite pieces lets you keep your best clothes in a new and totally unique style. If you are looking for some inspiration, below we pointed out a few tips on how to renovate your old clothes.

Shorten your clothes

Different lengths of clothes let you redesign it and make a totally new piece of clothing. Imagine having a favorite pair of jeans that clearly are old and used and don’t look good on you anymore.

Sometimes a small cut can refresh the look of the clothes. You can cut the jeans’ legs and turn them into shorts. The similar thing you can do to your old tube dress. Few cuts can make it a stylish tight top that will go very well with your new shorts.

Rip your jeans

Classic ripped jeans will surely never go out of style. If your pants (not necessarily denim) need some renovation, a popular way of giving your clothes a second life is by ripping the material a little.

You can do it in many ways. Start from picking a place to rip. Many people make irregular cuts on the front of both legs, some of them prefer the make holes on the knees.

A popular idea lately is to create a hole on the back of the thigh, under the buttock. It will definitely spice up your look.

After choosing the spot to cut, take a pencil and a ruler and mark the places you want to tear. Before ripping the jeans with a knife or scissors, fray them with sandpaper. This helps to loosen the fibers in the jeans and make it easier to cut.

Depending on the material, this process can take a while. You can obviously just cut your jeans without fraying them, but the final effect is better and more natural-looking if you use sandpaper.

Turn an oversized t-shirt into a dress

An oversized t-shirt is a must-have in every girls’ closet right now. The latest growing trend is to turn your baggy blouse into a sexy dress.

When it comes to an oversized t-shirt, you don’t have to renovate anything. It’s mostly about a fresh perspective of wearing it and creating new outfits.

Oversized t-shirts go very well with high boots or cowboy shoes and large size blazers. If you want to make the look sexier, take a belt and wrap it around your waist. It will perfectly highlight your waistline and make you look sexier.

Change the color

DIY dye methods are very popular for clothes renovation. Changing colors of your clothes is a great idea to give them a different character. It’s also effortless to do and makes your wardrobe totally unique. Start by washing your clothes. Follow any instructions for pre-washing that come with your dye. It’s usually a gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent. Don’t dry them after; the dyeing process works better when the clothes are wet.

You can dye your clothes in a washing machine or a big bowl filled with hot water. An important tip though, if you are dyeing cotton or linen materials, add 1 cup of salt to the bath. If you’re going to dye silk or nylon, add 1 cup of white vinegar to the tub. It will help to fix the color on the fibers.

The latest trends suggest not to dye your best t-shirt regularly in one color but to play with it a little. If you want to get the “ombre” effect, tie your t-shirt in the middle and treat it with some color or bleach. Follow the instructions on to box; different brands offer different waiting times. After that, wash your piece of clothing and enjoy the unique, uneven color of your t-shirt.

The bottom line

What’s so great about fashion is that it’s it has no limits. You can do literally whatever you want to. Giving new life to your old clothes is the best you can do for the environment and your wallet.

Some small changes in your old clothes can bring out a new, fresh look. There is no need to give up your favorite garments. I hope our little guide will help you a little with renovating your best-loved pieces.

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